white boys’ haircuts be like


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  • Arya: The woman is important too
  • Arya: *names her wolf after a warrior queen who saved her people*
  • Arya: *has as role models women who lead and saved people and took none of the society bullshit*
  • Arya: *take care of an orphan 4 years old girl and refuse to leave her even if she was slowing them down*
  • Arya: *uses one of Jaqen's deaths to kill a man because she heard how he participated in the gang rape of a teenage girl*
  • Arya: *hangs out with prostitutes and tries her best to help them because they are good people*
  • Arya: *wants justice for a little girl who was beaten up by her father*
  • Fandom: What a misogynistic piece of trash
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a game of where the fuck did you get that character interpretation

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